Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday 12th July

Thursday 12th July

We continued to follow the coastal road today, very quiet roads with very few cars. We planned to stop before Trondheim but found ourselves near and decided to book into the rally campsite early.

The campsite is very busy and close to a main road... met some very friendly people from the south of Norway who we had drinks with at their chalet. Lots of french on the site with campervans, they are returning from the North Cape. One gave me a large glass of Pastis, which I enjoyed very much.

Monday, 23 July 2007

FRiday until Sunday

We spent two days relaxing in Ulstad on the North coast of Lofoton.

Caught the Coastal Steamer last night from Stamsund and now heading south down the Coast in glorious sunshine.

Will be in Bergen on Wednesday afternoon

Friday, 20 July 2007

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Wednesday 18th July

Very light all night, this, coupled with my concerns about finding a petrol station, meant I didn't sleep too soundly!

Driving north I was relieved to find a petrol station just 12 miles up the road.

Caught the ferry from Brennes to Jektvika with no problems, crossing over the Arctic Circle about 25 minutes into the voyage.

Continuing north we found ourselves on the last ferry of the day (for us), between Agskarden and Foroya. From here we had a 120km slog to Bodo. The weather had turned and we found ourselves being blown all over the road, dark clouds overhead. We passed the second largest glacier in Norway, very impressive.

The bridges in Norway are quite amazing. They seem to flow from the road and are fantastic pieces of architecture. [Mitch, I think you'd be impressed.]

Managed to book passage on the afternoon ferry from Bodo to Lofoton Islands for Thursday. Arrived in Bodo around 7.30pm, both knackered and
in need of warm food we cooked up a large chicken curry and fried rice, all demolished within minutes!

Looking forward to a few days rest and pottering around Lofoten before catching the Hurtigrutin Boat back to Bergen on Sunday night.

Tuesday 17th July

Reluctant to leave Torghatten we dragged our heels and left late. We caught the ferry from Horn to Anddalsvagen without too much trouble. We travelled the 17 km towards the next ferry at Forvika where we had to wait for around 90 minutes before boarding as the last car! Although we had this wait we think the ferry service in Norway is impressive. The wait is only due to the large number of people who are touring up the Norwegian Tourist Route, one main road [number 17] with ferry's joining the road. Up until now the ferry's have been very slick and it is good to know that they always try to fit as many cars/ campervans on as possible.

Anyway the scenery from this ferry is spectacular and we were treated to clear views of the peaks of the Seven Sisters Mountain range. The sky is clear today and really quite warm.

We arrived at Tjotta and continued north to Sandnessjoen, climbing the impressive suspension bridge nearby with clear views to the mountains ahead. Northwards caught our final ferry of the day from Levang to Nesna. Here we joined the National Tourist Route again and were treated to incredible views. We have driven most of today with the windscreen wide open, this seems to really help the load on the engine and Monty is flying along... [although not sure how long I'll cope with flies in my teeth and a rubber complexion!!![t]] ... we haven't passed a petrol station in the last 60 miles!!

We eventually reached our campsite around 8.30pm and pitched in a record 13 minutes. The last box of wine was finished tonight! [Not good! We have another week to go. How will R cope!]

The GPS tells me the nearest petrol station is 62 miles away, I have 6 litres of petrol including the spare! Maybe we will be here longer than we planned...

The sun is still up and it's midnight, we cross the arctic circle tomorrow and then on to Bodo.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Monday 16th July

A wet start but soon brightened...

We are heading back towards the coast and great scenery again, had to wait over two hours for a ferry, but met a lovely little girl from Edinburgh who kept us amused!

Happy 3rd birthday ISLAY!!!!

Sunday 15th July

Sunday 15th July

Great sleep in before waving Martin and Edel off, back ro Drammen.

We say goodbye to our new friends on the campsite, heading off at the crack of midday!

Avoiding the main road north we take the ferry from Flakk onto Fosna. We follow small roads heading northeast, weather is not good but the car runs well in the damp air, no supermarkets open anywhere today and we "fast food" it...we meet the main road, 17, and avoid the town of Namsos as it appears industrial.

25 kms east we come across our first campsite for hours. Book a cheap hut for the night and delve deep into our dried "emergency" food supplies! Heater is on, we are full (of pasta!!), and drying out!